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Country & Careers - Reya Jayne Interview

Indigo Eve: Hey Reya-Jayne! So pleased we could interview you. You’ve recently released your sophomore single ‘How Good You Are’, a beautiful country track that echoes a young Taylor Swift or The Chicks. Could you tell us about the process of writing this song, how did it come about?

Reya Jayne: How Good You Are was written literally just as a way to break writers block, it had been a month or so since I’d written anything decent and I was desperate to write something happy, and hence HGYA was born! It’s about a too good to be true modern fairytale, and 100% fictional (my love life could never x)

Indigo Eve: Amazing! We love the high-energy production that supports your songwriting so well - do you produce your own tracks, or do you work with someone to create your singles?

Reya Jayne: I work with ICMP Alumni Louis Takooree on all of my production! He is truly a magician and I am so so happy with how the track turned out!

Indigo Eve: And how has the current pandemic affected your work as a musician? Are you able to stay creative despite being stuck at home?

Reya Jayne: I did have a bit of a lull at the start of lockdown, however that seems to have worn off now and I think I may have even written the next single... but shhhh! To be honest, other than financially, lockdown has really helped my career through live-streams and I think I’ve reached more country fans than ever before!

Indigo Eve: That’s great news! Let’s hope you can play some in-person live shows soon too. What are you listening to at the moment, anything you could recommend to us?

Reya Jayne: I have been LOVING Thomas Rhetts latest album Centre Point Road, and also I’ve really been getting into Maggie Rogers, so if you don’t know get to know!

Indigo Eve: And whats next for you in terms of next steps, online gigs, and more releases?

Reya Jayne: I will be opening the virtual festival on Total Country Pod this Friday, which is a fundraising event for Save Our Venues so I am really looking forward to that! As for upcoming releases, there may be one coming soon so make sure to follow me on all my socials and Spotify to be the first to hear about it... @reyajaynemusic

Indigo Eve: Thanks so much Reya-Jayne, we love ‘How Good You Are’ and think our Indigo Eve readers will too! The single is out now on streaming platforms, and you can keep up with Reya-Jayne on socials at @reyajaynemusic.

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