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DON'T FIGHT IT, FEEL IT: live review

On Friday 12th July, Moon on the Water in Cleethorpes was transformed into a music-lovers paradise. Three artists took to the stage in Don't Fight It, Feel It’s third monthly showcase, which has proven to be a much loved event in the area. Organised by Minerva member Pat Knight, Don't Fight It, Feel It didn't disappoint.

First to perform was the soulful Hattie Cattell, bringing a distinct air of mystery as smoke filled the stage. An indescribable energy came over the room when Hattie began to sing, her voice is hypnotising, drenched in rich low tones, something not heard very often. Her delicate guitar picking was a soft background for her raw emotional singing and lyrics, never forgetting to create ear-worms for the audience with her hook-laden choruses. Hattie had a vibe that belongs at a big-time festival, and with her first single out now, she is sure to entrance all who listen to her.

The first full band on the lineup were the newly-formed Minerva. Organiser of Don't Fight It, Feel It Pat played guitar in this band, alongside a bassist, drummer and vocalist/keys/accordion player(!). Considering it was their debut as a band, their stage presence and confidence skyrocketed song after song, and by the end the audience couldn’t help but get involved and dance. Minerva’s lead singer Natasha has a sweet voice that fit so well with their sound, a sweet-toned voice dancing through enchanting melodies. The set took you on a journey, from a confident and fun start, bringing the chills with piano arpeggios and heartfelt lyricism in the middle, to infectious energy and laughter at the end. Wherever they go next, it’s sure to be exciting.

Headlining the night, Last of the Wonder Kids brought their hugely supportive fanbase along with them. Jumping around and on each other’s shoulders, their dedication was admirable and added to the energy in the room. The band are a three-piece from Grimsby, and have been celebrated by BBC Introducing and recommended by 6Music. Something that stands out so prominently in Last of the Wonder Kids’ music are their catchy guitar and bass riffs, often interlocking with each other to have you singing along instantly. They are reminiscent of 80s and 90s indie bands with their own twist added. It’s proper feel good music that makes you want to dance - Last of the Wonder Kids are going far.

Don’t Fight It, Feel It is an integral part of the live music scene in Cleethorpes and North East Lincolnshire, and these bands show us why. The event runs monthly at Moon on the Water, Cleethorpes Promenade and you can find details and info on

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