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EP REVIEW: Myamai - Incarnation

MyaMai is here with her debut EP. ‘INCARNATION' is an electronic pop based EP, with elements from Ambient, R&B and alternative sub genre's. The EP takes the listener on a journey through three different stages of life, in a very self-reflective way - MyaMai describes herself as an over-thinker. The three tracks on INCARNATION depict her life as a young adult and all that it entails.

The first track on the EP is ‘Drowning For You’. One very noticeable aspect of this track, and actually the whole EP is the powerful vocal. Myamai’s voice soars above the track with a sense of ownership that is admirable. She has a way of using her voice to reflect the lyrics so well. Drowning for you is a key example of this, as it is quite literally drowning in emotion; from the highs to the lows. Melancholic tones awash the track, meeting hand-in-hand with trap-like electronic drums that cut through the mix. This self-produced track is spacious and huge, hinting at clever metaphor with her production choices.

In My Head begins with beautiful synth strings that act as a drone, sweeping underneath the whole song, like constant thoughts swirling round her head. This track is an open and honest review of her life and situation as it stood at the time, and you can almost see the thoughts unfold around her, as she sits firmly in confusion.

The bridge gives an uplifting twist, immediately recognised by the hopeful major feel of the accompaniment. Dark undertones still exist underneath, embodied by the harmonies supporting the lead vocal. These two elements are key to this song, almost as if she is having a conversation with her thoughts. It symbolises the back and forth.

The lead single from her debut EP, ‘All Because of You’ tells the tale of being in love, and how liberating it is to have such a strong connection with someone. MyaMai uses layering and light synth pads, which reflect her weightless feeling when she is in love. To read the full review of this single, head to

The two acoustic version of ‘In My Head’ and ‘All Because of You’ give an interesting spin on this otherwise solid electro-pop EP. These, especially ‘In My Head’, are end-of-the-night tracks, as you say your goodbyes to friends and wind down, holding your hand as you head home. ‘All Because of You’ begins and ends with a joyful little audio clip, giving a short insight into her bubbly personality. This acoustic track is embellished with stunning piano playing, adding extra layers to this song.

‘Incarnation’ is uplifting, tells of confusion and worry, and brings you along MyaMai’s journey of life. You can listen to her EP on streaming sites from Friday 12th July, and you can follow her social media @myamai_music

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