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EP REVIEW: Open Book - Emily Frith

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Emily Frith - Open Book

Open Book is the new EP from Emily Frith, a singer-songwriter from Southend-on-Sea, UK. Influenced by country music from a young age, she tells stories and offers personal insight into her mind. With lyrical content touching on growing pains, learning and confidence building, Frith uplifts and inspires in her unique narrative. Here is a track-by-track rundown of her new body of work.

Better is a great opening track. It begins with a ballad-feel, with every new section bringing more and more to the arrangement, building tension. A powerful chorus drives home the message of the song, with persistent electric guitars throughout. Better has an empowering message; overcoming adversity and being proud of how far you’ve come.

Out is a ballad with a melancholic edge, comparable to Kacey Musgraves’ Rainbow. The highlight of this track is the soaring melody that lifts the song in the chorus, offering hope. 

Giving Up On Love is a track with bite. Combining distorted guitars with a strong vocal, it airs to the days of early Avril Lavigne. Colourful chords are used in both the verses and the choruses, which take you off in a different direction after being led down a clear path, which reflects the lyrics effectively.

The penultimate track on this EP is the ultimate country song. The Blue is a ‘road-trip’ tune, - picture a winding road, sunset behind you, and Frith’s song blasting from the speakers. 

Finishing Open Book is a new song, previously unheard by her audience; Want To Love. The hazy guitars set the scene as the track begins, in a wave of dream-pop delight. The rhythmic melody in the chorus airs to a singalong on a festival stage, bringing an audience together. A lovely way to end the EP, before hitting the repeat button on Open Book.

Overall, there is a nostalgic flavour in the music and instrumentation on the EP, with almost psychedelic-reminiscent guitars combined with country drums and a sincere vocal. Open Book takes you back to that delicate time between innocence and maturity; this EP is growth.

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