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Indigo Eve in Lockdown

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

What have we been doing during lockdown, you ask?

Well... about as much as any creative, to be honest.

Cora, our websit editor and social media star has been taking time to work on her art, with commissions and passion projects that are really beautiful.

Jessi, our fab live events planner, has been working on her release plans, and she has just released her latest single 'Lets Be Free'. Working remotely in the studio she has been collaborating with artists and producers in order to stay creative.

Jaz, our blogger and artist co-ordinator, has been working on her music production skills, releasing covers for weeks on end during May and June. She has also been putting her EP plan together, which will be announced soon.

Our writers Frances Em and Maisie have been writing lots, working lots and trying to relax! We can't wait until we're all together again.

Our 'Indigo Eve Presents' live shows have of course been put on hold for now, and our end-of-year showcase was cancelled in April to mark the final weeks of our university term.

We have also been working on a new facet of Indigo Eve; our Community on Facebook! Head to Indigo Eve Community Group on Facebook to join. In short, it's an online networking group where you can find other like-minded creatives to work with. If youre a videographer, a painter, a songwriter, a singer, session drummer, or more - it's the place for you!

All in all, the team at Indigo Eve have tried to keep productive in what has been a challenging time. As life begins to paint a picture of normality we hope to resume our normal running schedule, with live events, interviews and in-person networking. In the mean time, keep in touch here on our website or on our socials, @indigoevemusic. We can't wait to be back with you.

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