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Interviewing Lorana

We sat down with emerging artist Lorana to ask her some questions about her new tunes.

Indigo Eve: Hi Lorana! So pleased we could interview you. You’ve just released your debut EP ‘Here In Between’, following the successes of your singles in previous months. Could you tell us about the process of putting the EP together, and selecting the tracks?

Lorana: Of course! I first came up with the overarching theme of feeling like you’re in between. Working with a concept is something I really enjoy, so I decided to explore this idea a little further and think about specific stories I could turn into songs. I then started writing on my piano, until I collected over twenty songs and set them aside for a little while. There’s something about coming back to a song at a later date that helps me to see what works and what needs altering. This way I narrowed it down to the five songs that will appear on the EP. So after this, I redrafted them and started producing.The production always comes last, but this is where my songs really come to life. I love expressing the emotion of the lyrics through the sounds and samples I create. I’ll sit with them a little longer and change some bits here and there until I feel like there’s nothing to add. Then I send them off to mixing and mastering!

Indigo Eve: You mentioned using home-samples in your recordings, such as microwave sounds, which you’ve manipulated into synths. What was the inspiration behind this decision?

Lorana: I’ve always been amazed by the sounds that are surrounding me. From hearing an animal I’ve never heard before or just simple sounds in the house like the closing of the front door, that feels very familiar and safe. There’s so much emotion to be found in sounds. A few years ago I started recording those sounds that inspired me. Because my music is so personal it made sense to implement them into the production. For me it is a way to pull the listener closer into my world. The sounds help me emphasise the lyrical narratives. Other artists that keep inspiring me here are Maggie Rogers, Billie Eilish and Naaz.

Indigo Eve: And how has the current pandemic affected your work as a musician? Are you able to stay creative despite being at home?

Lorana: I spent most of the lockdown in my childhood home back in Belgium. It was interesting to experience my creativity there, after such a long time. In a way the initial innocence and bewilderment came back to me, but I could explore it with the skills I developed after I moved out. I’m used to writing and producing at home, so in that sense, I was quite lucky! The inspiration however wasn’t always easy to find. When our lives got put on hold it became harder to write without experiencing or exploring a lot of things.

Indigo Eve: What are you listening to at the moment, anything you could recommend to us?

Lorana: I always love a good combo. On one side there’s artists that have stuck with me for a long time, like Bon Iver, Lorde, Orla Gartland and FINNEAS. On the other hand there’s newer artists (at least to me) that I’m discovering like Holly Humberstone, Gracie Abrams, Violet Skies and Luz.

Indigo Eve: And what's coming up for you in terms of next steps, online gigs, and further music-making?

Lorana: I have a new concept that I’m exploring for future releases. Right now, I’m really feeling the need to explore collaboration. Doing everything myself feels very empowering, but I know working with other people can be super inspiring too. I just know that there’s so much more that I need and want to learn, and only 24 hours in a day, right? Despite the current world situation, I’m excited for the future.

Indigo Eve: We’re excited to see whatever happens next for you! Congratulations on ‘Here in Between’!

To stream Lorana’s EP you can head to Spotify or her socials; @loranamusic , for more info.

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