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Lauren Alex Hooper: Sounds Like Hope

Sounds Like Hope is the next single from Lauren Alex Hooper. With atmospheric guitar casting a calm sea, the simplicity of the production is what grabs the listener’s attention; drawing attention to the lyrics. Lauren grapples with the idea of hope and a brighter future in the face of uncertainty. With comparison from the likes of Lauren Aquilina and Taylor Swift, Lauren brings a vulnerability to the table and shows us what it’s like to see light among the dark. Sounds Like Hope is a fitting release for our current times, delicately offering empathy and comfort to others. 

The single is part of her EP 'Honest', and is a follow up to previous tracks Bad Night and Clarity.

You can listen to Lauren Alex Hooper’s new single on streaming platforms from Friday 8th May, and keep up to date with her socials @laurenalexhooper .

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