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Lorana - Countless First Times

With unique samples captured from aspects of everyday life, Lorana creates a minimalistic soundscape that you can’t help but love. Drawing inspiration from Maggie Rogers and Bon Iver, she searches for herself in her music. ‘Countless First Times’ begins with softened piano tones, and delicate vocals recall memories and glimpses of her former life in her hometown. Flickering streetlights and cracks in the pavements recall the feelings she lived through, growing up in Belgium, before moving to London. The song explodes in the final chorus with punchy synths falling into home-sampled snare sounds, lifting the melody even higher.

The track is the sophomore single on her debut EP ‘Here In Between’, self-produced from a bedroom in North-West London. Lorana paints the canvas with her emotions beautifully, entering honesty within herself and to her audience to create true connection. Countless First Times is out now, you can listen on streaming sites, or follow Lorana’s socials @loranamusic for updates.

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