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Moonwater - Lorana

Belgian singer-songwriter Lorana’s newest release is fascinating from the first ‘drop’ of the beat,  infused with samples of splashing water throughout the track that speak volumes for her creativity.

A piece centered around learning to accept one’s emotional highs and lows, Moonwater - the third single from upcoming EP ‘Here In Between’ - is a self reflective anthem of the journey towards self love, with standout lyrics such as, ‘if I find a way to fall in love with the rocking, I might start to love myself’. One of this song’s greatest strengths is addressing such an intricate theme in a way that is not overly complicated, but remains sonically interesting all the same. Notable is the flute interlude prior to the bridge, an unexpected musical twist that is well executed and makes Lorana’s latest offering all the more captivating. 

With a voice and style reminiscent of artists such as Maggie Rogers, Lorde and Haim, Lorana has something for everyone and a bright creative future ahead.

Moonwater is now available on all music and streaming platforms - and your new favourite Belgian artist can be found online at @loranamusic.

- Written by Maisie Johnson

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