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Rafaélla - Nobody Knows

Rafaélla is a 21-year-old artist from Cyprus, currently living in the UK. She combines soulful tones and layered production to achieve her twist on pop music. Having released a Christmas cover at the end of 2019, Nobody Knows is the first original single released. Nobody Knows was released in January and so far has made quite the impression, being featured on the ICMP Release Radar (Spotify) and receiving acclaim within her fanbase.

With deep-rooted emotion, the track pulls you in close with a smooth ballad beginning, before the drums and synths immerse you in feeling. The dark production is congruent with the story being told, of forbidden love and strong feelings for someone she can’t have. Sweeping chorus melodies arch over a soft piano and rooted sub sounds, bringing interesting development for the song. In the middle 8, the focus shifts back to the vocals, with layered harmonies drawing the listener in before the explosion into the expansive soundscape of the final chorus.

Rafaélla enchants with her soothing vocal tone and soul beyond her years. You can listen to the single on all streaming platforms, and you can keep up with Rafaélla on socials @rafaellaxo.

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