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SINGLE REVIEW: All Because of You - MyaMai

MyaMai is a songwriter, artist and producer from Sweden who is currently based in London. She is known for writing killer hooks and soaring melodies, which are signature to her style. ‘All Because of You’ is no exception to this, being, in my opinion, an undiscovered pop anthem. Following the success of her debut single ‘I’m Not Sure’, her new track sees development in style and influence to bring a different angle to her sound.

The song starts with a scene-setting instrumental, hinting at the hooks with playful synths, that are brought to life later in the song. Her vocal in this track is continually honest, laying out her feelings from the beginning. The sweeping synths build tension in the pre-chorus, with breath-holding anticipation before the drop in the chorus, just a beat later than where you might first expect it. Her choruses are big and passionate, drawing from her RnB influences to create a powerful chorus vocal that is jam-packed with hooks, mirrored in the melody and synth lines that play in unison.

Overall, the song really captures her emotions with a full-bodied production and has her listeners singing along by the end.

‘All Because of You’ is the second single from MyaMai, available everywhere on Friday 31st May. If you want electro-pop bops, MyaMai is the artist for you.

You can find her on social media at @MyaMai_music .

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