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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Ant Macandrew is an acoustic singer-songwriter based in Lincolnshire. With effortless falsetto and to-the-point lyrics, Ant captures hearts wherever he performs. Endless Days is the latest release in his catalogue, after releasing his debut full-length album in 2018.

Endless Days has themes of passion and contentment, expressed so beautifully throughout - from the BV’s behind the lead vocal, mirroring the support Ant wants to give to the one he loves, to the full-bodied chorus instrumentation that explicitly shows how much he cares.

The song begins so simply, just guitar and vocal, before jumping into an acoustic-band setup echoing a sweet arrangement, including a chirpy whistle hook that has you humming along instantly. Airy staccato piano chords sit behind the vocal in the second verse, lifting it up ready for the chorus to come back around again with hearty instrumentation. Throughout the song lies a mixture of elongated melodies and quick-step rhythmic phrases, always sparking interest at every point.

Endless Days exudes wholesome love, and is a sure-fire way to lift your mood on any day. You can hear Endless Days from July 31st on all popular streaming sites, and until then you can follow Ant here: @antmacmusic .

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