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SINGLE REVIEW: Feel Good - The Pylons

The Pylons are an indie-pop band from Lincoln. Formed in 2013, and taking influence from the likes of Bear’s Den and Amber Run, The Pylons are here with their new single ‘Feel Good’. After hitting the ground running with their previous singles, this is an exciting year for the band as they further establish their sound and build their fanbase further.

This track is yet another development of their sound, and is their fourth single. The urgency in the verses is supported by the rhythmic lyric lines, alluding to this clear sense of anticipation before the chorus revelation. ‘Feel Good’ is a hopeful shout into the unknown, as lead singer Crosby uplifts us with his passionate chorus vocal. It is music to make you forget the world outside and enjoy the here and now, no matter what.

Refreshing brass melodies are peppered in the background, giving a nod to some of the band's influences, while maintaining their own angle on the genre. The layering in the choruses, especially the final chorus maintains the track’s high energy - while making you want to dance around the room.

The Pylons are a must-have on your Autumn playlist. You can listen to ‘Feel Good’ now, available on all streaming sites or via the band’s social media platforms: @thepylonsband .

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