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Stay in Tonight - Jessi Pe

Jessi builds stories with a charming narrative, bringing us closer to her as an artist with each track released - including her brand new single. Originally from Germany, Jessi found her home in London after travelling for some years, writing songs every step of the way. She is currently studying songwriting at ICMP and is a key member of the Indigo Eve Team, as well as working hard on her artist project ‘Jessi Pe’.

Stay in Tonight is the second single from Jessi Pe, following up from her energetic debut I Ain’t No Rabbit. With dreamy harmonies and punchy melodies, her new single brings a different dimension to her sound. Stay in Tonight is emotionally open, as Jessi puts her heart on the line for the chance of another moment with her love interest in the song. She uses both lyrical and instrumental detail to bring her situation to life with grace, expressing fragility not seen before in her music.

With influences like Florence & The Machine and Amy Macdonald, Jessi flourishes in the alternative pop world with this guitar ballad - she is set to impress with Stay in Tonight. To keep up with Jessi on social media platforms, you can follow her @jessipemusic.

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