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Bad Night - Lauren Alex Hooper (Music Video)

Lauren Alex Hooper’s music video is out now! Her latest single ‘Bad Night’ was released in October, and has received acclaim from both BBC Introducing and the wider community. Its’ driving guitars and consistent kick drum add a sense of relentlessness to the track, and this is echoed well in the music video.

The video cuts between two scenes, Lauren in the present, demonstrating her feeling on a moody rooftop in London; and Lauren in her room, frustrated and stuck in her own mind. The colourless effect on the bedroom scenes give an air of hopelessness, complementing the raw and vulnerable lyrics. The continuous cuts between these two scenes show the back and forth of confronting herself about her feelings, and getting too lost in the emotion of it all.

The ‘Bad Night’ music video cleverly gives an insight into the essence of this song, highlighting the struggles of mental health and how to face it. You can stream the single on popular streaming sites, and the music video is on YouTube now. Lauren is honest, and not afraid to express the darker sides of life through music. @laurenalexhooper

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