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Homeless - Reya Jayne

Described as an ‘English rose with a Nashville sound’, Reya oozes emotion in her debut single Homeless. A country artist from Sheffield with a gift for storytelling, she is bringing hometown experiences and combining them with timeless melodies - and it’s delightful. Homeless is her first released single, already earning considerable airplay on UK Country Radio and charming music critics with ease.

Taking influence from the Nashville sound, artists like Kelsea Ballerini and Lori McKenna have inspired Reya’s dancing melodies on this track. Lyrically, Homeless is a vulnerable look into her decision to follow her dreams, and what effect that has had on her life and her definition of home and comfort. This song touches on something so many feel, the feeling in your heart of where you belong in the world, allowing her listeners to empathise effortlessly. She uses detail to paint us a wonderful watercolour scene.

The instrumental layers on this track add depth and intricacy, with countermelodies of slide guitar and plucky banjo sounds lying under the lead vocal in the chorus. Homeless fills the heart with emotion in the production alone.

Reya is currently turning heads on the London music scene, performing at exciting venues across the city, including at our very own Indigo Eve Presents in March 2020. You can find her on social media platforms @reyajaynemusic.

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