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PORTEOUS is here with his debut EP ‘Above Water’. Featuring 3 tracks we know and love: ‘Vibe With You’, ‘Thinking Wrong’ and ‘Angelo’, the final piece of the puzzle ‘Skip’ is a gem. Delving into the past, dreaming of reliving moments missed, ‘Skip’ brings jazz-influence and mixes with poetic lyricism to create this fusion journey.

‘Angelo’ wanders through airy piano timbres and reflective commentary, with a soothing groove to heal a broken heart, and the beautifully complex rhythm section of ‘Thinking Wrong’ mirrors the confusion and doubt felt through the lyrics. The first single released from this EP, ‘Vibe With You’, channels funky guitar rhythms and a real-summer feeling to create a pop-driven bop.

You can listen to ‘Above Water’ on streaming platforms, or keep up-to-date with PORTEOUS at @porteousmusic.

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