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SINGLE REVIEW: Do You Hear The Rain? - Ben Simmons

Do You Hear The Rain? is the latest single from Ben Simmons, released on April 18th. Upon first listen to this track I couldn't help but feel a calm energy, which is so effortlessly achieved by the soothing rain at the beginning of this track, and the mellow lead guitar peppered throughout the song.

Upon speaking to Ben about Do You Hear the Rain?, he said: “The story behind the song reflects that of something which is inevitable, an event that cannot be avoided and that bittersweet memory that holds your hand throughout. As the title suggests, the word 'rain' represents the inevitability of something important, and conveys the warning that things won't be the same in the aftermath.”

The haunting harmonies in the chorus really draw you into his world that has been created with this song, a real escape from reality. Ending with the gentle pitter-patter of rain rounds off the song so beautifully, just as it began, and it’s one of those songs that could be played all day. It’s the music you play when it rains and emotions run high as you stare out the window watching droplets trickle down the glass.

Do You Hear the Rain? is available to stream and download now! You can find Ben Simmons on social media at @bensimmonsmusic .

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