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SINGLE REVIEW: Little Monsters - Sophie Frear

‘Little Monsters’ is the new single by Sophie Frear, Cambridgeshire-hailing singer and songwriter. At just 18 years old, Sophie has already made an impact with her music, and hopes Little Monsters will make the same imprint on the industry and her local music scene in Cambridgeshire.

From the off, this track has a smooth quality deriving from the jazz influences and swung rhythms. Produced by Richard Marc, this crisp jazz feel is utilised well, a clever mask for the true lyrical tone expressed in Frear’s writing. Exploring battling self-doubt and fear, Sophie uses the metaphor with wit and concision. Delightful harmonic swells reaffirm her message of beating the monsters and claiming herself back, and bring a sassy and confident edge to the song. Every listen to this track unfolds another layer, be it in the production and performance of the track or the lyrical content. A true delight for the ears.

You can listen to ‘Little Monsters’ on streaming platforms, or you can find Sophie on social media @sophiefrearmusic.

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