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‘We Should’ is the second upload on Luchi’s soundcloud, this being the follow up to ‘Nice and Quiet’. It begins with a beautiful spoken word piece in Italian, offering words of comfort and wisdom from a friend. The translation reads:

"Hi my friend, sometimes I think of you. We only have one life and we waste it so much. So much. We waste it with people that don't deserve us. We waste it so much not thinking about what we want to do. A lot of times we hold ourselves back. We don't do things. But in the end what does it change? Why don't we do them?”

“We are dumb, this is it. We are dumb. It's ourselves we deny ourselves happiness. And when I think about this stuff I think about you”.

Metaphors are intrinsic to Luchi’s writing, with my favourite lyric being: ‘We can never embrace all the petals of roses if we don’t accept all the thorns’, especially with the rapid rhythmic movement of the line, expressing the urgent undertones in the message of this song. You can feel every word Luchi sings, and she sings with such soul and passion.

This song has so much depth, both in lyric and production, and I can’t wait to see what Luchi does next. You can find her music at or on social media at @luchiofficial .

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